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Dr. Towanda Davis, End of Life Educator, received her Doctor of Ministry from Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary in 2021. God placed the responsibility on her life of educating her community about the importance of preparing for and understanding death. The end of life is an inevitable phenomenon that most do not want to discuss, but it is believed that with increased education the myths surrounding death can be removed. Dr. Davis informs people on the importance of protecting wealth, legacy, state laws concerning death, healthcare power of attorney, last will and testament, living will, guardianship, palliative care and hospice. Dr. Davis uses her knowledge to prepare the community for everlasting life, to help bring spiritual and emotional healing by the word of God, education and Christian Counseling.


God groomed Dr. Davis for this ministry while assisting her own parents through their end-of-life journeys. He revealed to her His glory during their final season of life and with this knowledge Dr. Davis created a seminar to inform the community on chronic versus acute diagnosis and traumas, the grief process, and the importance of physical and mental health.”


Her goal to educate, coach and assist the public with preparation for everlasting life, legacy and inheritance. There will come a point in life when we all will die. Instead of allowing death to instill fear in our hearts, emotional instability and family disconnects, Dr. Davis has made it her life’s mission to help prepare communities for our end journey from time to eternity.


Precious……..Psalms 116:15.

Education & Certifications

Doctorate of Ministry Degree

Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling

Bachelors in Service Administration / Human Resource Management.  

  • End of Life Consultant - Speaker & Educator

  • Ordained Evangelist, Teacher and Preacher 

  • Counselor

  • ACPE Certified Clinical Chaplain 

  • Author

  • Conference Speaker

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